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SDM is committed to providing quality service. We offer our customers the best in service and reliability placing us at the forefront of our industry. With a well developed quality assurance program as well as staff who have been with us for many years, we continue to bring you only top level expertise and experience.

SDM has recently acquired the latest fully automated duct manufacturing production line, enabling it to produce ducting faster than before. These ducts are manufactured complete with an integral flange folded onto the duct, reducing air leakage at the joints and making it suitable for cleaning.

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Southern Air Conditioning company policies ensure that we maintain our goals in all our undertakings.

All the directors are actively involved in all aspects of each project. We are dedicated to quality and meet our contract deadlines at all times. We enjoy priority, price and delivery from all our suppliers. We have managed to negotiate and secure a large percentage of our contracts using these policies as a measure for our success.

Some of our large contracts include Canal Walk, Cavendish Square, Mountain Mill, and V&A Clock Tower at the Cape Town Waterfront.

Other projects we have completed in the last 3 years include De La Rey, SHG House, Mandela Rhodes, Pearlvalley clubhouse, Northwharf, Lagoon Beach and Stellenbosch Square.

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Southern Air Maintenance


Southern Air Mainenance is now offering full air conditioning and ventilation after sales support service for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning).


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